XOH Trader
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XOH Trader


Trading accounts: demo

Type: web



Purely web-based platform that allows you to trade from anywhere - work, home, abroad and on any device including Apple computers. All traders’ settings are stored on a centralised cloud server, ensuring all customisations or Watch Lists are accessible at all times.

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More Features:

Save all settings on the server:

All client settings, technical analysis, charts and workspaces are saved on the central server and available from any computer with the client login details.

Trade from Charts:

XOH Trader has an advanced trading functionality which allows users to perform all trading actions directly from the chart. Charts are also detachable for those who wish to concentrate on their strategy in this way.

Traders Squawk and Video News:

Give your clients access to market video news and online radio commentary, directly from trading floor.

Advanced Technical Analysis:

Benefit from 20+ technical analysis features including Fibo, Elliot Waves and Chart Overlay

Trading Calculator:

Now you will never need to ask what pips and swaps mean, or how much you earn when the market moves ‘X’ pips. The trading calculator ticket educates and automatically works out the nominal value for each trade and pending order.

Instant Bulk Order Closing:

Close all trades instantly in one click of a button. Alternatively, clients can close only winners or only losers in the same way.

Fixed and floating spreads:
XOH Trader supports trading with fixed or floating spreads.